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Why choose AWCCU Financial?

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Every customer is a shareholder at a credit union. Every customer. A small difference with massive impact.

When your customers are your shareholders, it changes the way you run your business. You don’t ever have to choose to do what’s best for one over the other; they are one and the same. This is the cooperative advantage.

Credit unions are community-based organizations. They know that local matters, that local is where we live, work and play. So choose to be part of something bigger, not just something big.

Keep your profits local where they can echo and amplify for everyone that contributed to their creation. This is why Some Choices Matter.

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The mission of AWCCU Financial is to earn our members trust and confidence by providing quality products and services in an efficient and professional manner by motivated employees who share our organizational success. Our focus is to exceed our members’ expectations in our commitment to their financial success while operating in an ethical and financially sound manner.

The Corporate Values of AWCCU Financial are the same today as they were since our founding on April 2, 1938, the well being of our members, employee’s and the communities we serve.

AWCCU Financial is a financial service co-operative, therefore our values are still centered on our belief in “People helping People".

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As a member of AWCCU, each member of the Board of Directors is an active participant in its strategic planning, management and lending decisions. This board has provided strong leadership to meet the challenges of insuring strength, stability and creative financial solutions for our customers.

Knowing that what is good for the communities we serve is ultimately also good for AWCCU, the Board pro-actively supports partnerships with community organizations that work for economic development, access to higher education, and enhanced quality of life.


John MacDonald

Michael Melnichuk

Doug Sanders

Francine Saunders

Loreen Potter

Chris White

Arnold DeMan

Ron Beacock

Derek Giberson, Associate Director

Updated as of September 4th, 2019

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AWCCU Financial is committed to providing accessible and equitable member service to each and every one of our diverse and valued members. Both AWCCU Financial branches are wheelchair accessible and our 2-storey main branch has an elevator.