Term Deposits

We offer as many types of term deposits as there are reasons to save. Whether you're looking for terms for your RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, or non-registered accounts, we've got the right product for you. And while some give you snap-your-fingers access to your funds, others reward you for letting it stay put for a while.

Regardless of which term deposit best suits your needs, deposits are insured up to $250,000 by DICO (Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario).

Short Term Non Callable (from 30 to 364 days) - Minimum deposit of $1,000.
Long Term (from 30 to 364 days) - Minimum deposit of $1,000.
Monthly Income Terms (from 12 to 60 months) - Minimum deposit of $1,000. Interest paid annually. Minimum deposit $1,000. Interest paid monthly.
Step-Up $Minimum deposit of $1,000. 3 and 5 year terms. Cashable on each anniversary date. Interest increases each year.
Registered (RRSP, RRIF/LIF)Description
Variable Rate Fluctuates with the rise and fall of market rate.
Fixed Term Minimum deposit $1000. 180 to 364 or 12 to 60 months. Interest paid annually.
Step-Up Minimum deposit $1,000. 3 and 5 year terms. Interest increases each year.