905 Contests

As Durham Region’s largest locally-owned Credit Union, all of our branches share the "905" area code, we’re proud to live here and give back the communities that live here, too. We took our Durham Region pride and combined it with our passion of giving back to communities to start the 905 Contest!

These contests are held a few times throughout the year on social media through our Facebook and Instagram when we feel like celebrating, like on Credit Union Day or if it’s especially cold, rainy, or beautiful outside, basically whenever the mood strikes!

We took a page out of our sister CU Copperfin’s book when deciding how best to celebrate our local communities and their #807contest was an inspiration. The idea of the contest is to donate $905 to a local charity and we want YOU to choose the charity it goes to. So, all we ask is for you to like, comment and share which #905Contest charity you vote for and you’ll be entered in to win. #WeLiveHereToo

Keep your eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the next #905Contest!