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Approachability, Community, and Guidance  Our vision for the future of our Credit Union  The Board and Senior Leadership have engaged in a long and thoughtful process over the past year. Our focus was on determining the best direction for our Credit Union’s future. After much research and deliberation, we are recommending a strategy to fully rebrand the Credit Union, which includes a name change.  Why do we need to change? Because our long-term sustainability is being challenged. Our current name is a barrier to growth. Whether you know us as Auto Workers Community Credit Union or AWCCU Financial, research conducted shows that people believe that because GM is closing that AWCCU is closing, too. The majority of Ontarians would not feel welcome to join our Credit Union as our name is perceived as exclusive.  The rapid growth of technology and competition is forcing us to evolve. Instead of slowly disappearing over the next decade, we must adapt to technological and economic changes in order to be in business for the next 80+ years. Our membership does not represent the demographics of Durham Region; 43% of our members are over 66 years. However, the largest age group in Durham are those 36-50, representing 49% of the region and the 2nd largest are those 15-36, representing 32%.

Approachability, Community, and Guidance

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It is our goal and responsibility to our members and community to be here for another 80+ years. We make this rebranding recommendation believing, wholeheartedly, that it is vital to ensure our future sustainability and success.