Name Change FAQ

Name Change FAQ
1. Why did we change our name?
We needed a name that would align us more with our broad and diverse community-based
membership. By selecting a new name, we have made an investment in our future and have
provided a foundation for growth in the years ahead. It is our responsibility to ensure our
long-term sustainability, and we’re looking forward to the ways AWCCU Financial can invest
in the community.

2. Why select this name?
Our members voted to change our original name, Auto Workers Community Credit Union, to
AWCCU Financial. The abbreviation will be a bridge connecting our existing members with
our new audience, breaking down the perceived barriers of membership, AWCCU Financial’s
new logo, the abstract AW represents our history and foundation with the Auto Workers, and
our core value, All Welcome.

3. What does this mean for me?
While our name is changing, you can still expect the same great personal service from our
highly professional, knowledgeable staff. The same staff you have come to know and trust to
provide you with exceptional one to one solutions. We reaffirm our commitment to this high
standard as we continue to serve all our current and future members.

4. What about my cheques, my debit card and my credit card — they all say Auto Workers
Community Credit Union. Will they still work?
There is no need to worry if you still have cheques, deposit slips, debit and credit cards with
the Auto Workers Community Credit Union name on them they will continue to work after
the name changes, as will automatic payments, and we will replace cheques and cards as they
expire in order to be fiscally and ecologically responsible. If you use automatic Bill Pay, nothing
will change. You will not have to set up your vendors again. In time we will be rolling out new
member cards, etc and they will not change or alter your existing accounts.

5. Will my account number change?
No. Nothing about your relationship with us will change. All of your account numbers and
card numbers will remain the same.

6. Will the signs be replaced?
Because of the cost, and the logistics we will be phasing in signs at our branches, both inside
and outside. We don’t have an exact date yet, but it will be as soon as we possibly can.


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