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When it comes to banking, we have the advice and solutions you are looking for!

As a credit union, we do everything a bank does, only better. 

  • We are local - when decisions are made, they aren’t made in a skyscraper in Toronto. They are made locally where we have the best interests of our members and our community at heart.
  • We are different by design - because our members are also our owners, our members always come first. So walk in like you own the place, because you actually do. Our Credit Union is owned by the people who bank with us.
  • We put people before profits - and when we earn profits, our profits have a higher purpose. We believe in working together to build a stronger community. We put our money where our mouth is; we invest time, energy and money in initiatives that have real impact in our community. We choose Main Street, not Wall Street.

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Member Profit Share

Membership counts. Members who invest with and borrow from AWCCU are responsible for our success as the leading financial institution in Durham Region. To say thanks to our members for choosing AWCCU, we endeavor to give patronage rebates and dividends every year.

Give Back to the Community

Your membership means that together we can give back to the communities that we live, work, and play in Durham Region. AWCCU is committed to investing in the community. Our local community giving program provides support to community groups and organizations.

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