Mobile Banking

Internet banking made for the 4" screen

We've made mobile banking perfect for your smartphone. Super secure and easier to navigate means safe and simple banking on the go.

  • Check account balances
  • See transaction histories
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or between members
  • Check out our current rates
  • Pick up your personal messages and urgent reminders
  • Find a branch or ATM
  • Contact us anytime

Try it now.

No need to download or install any app, just visit on your smartphone's browser and you'll see a clean and simple site designed for a 4" screen. As long as you've logged into online banking at from your laptop/desktop computer at least once, you can log into our mobile banking site using the same branch number, account number, and personal access code.

(If you haven't tried online banking at yet, we think you'll love the convenience of being able to bank securely whenever and wherever you choose. But first, you'll need to visit your nearest AWCCU Branch or call us to set up your personal access code.)

Safety first

Mobile banking for smartphones uses the same personal access features as our online banking. Log in using the same branch number, account number, and personal access code you use for online banking at However it's easier for a smartphone to be lost or stolen than your home computer.

Other cool features

  • If you're browsing our regular site on your smartphone, look for the banner at the top to link quickly to our mobile banking site.
  • Visit and add a memorized account.The next time you bank by smartphone, you'll only need to punch in your personal access code.

How smart does your phone need to be?

Our mobile banking for smartphones is designed for any mobile phone with a desktop-class web browser, or the Blackberry® browser for the Pearl, Curve and Bold. Try it out on your phone's browser.

For iPhone users, we have the new AWCCU Mobile App. Fully optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, our new app allows you to access your accounts any time, anywhere, with a suite of mobile solutions. So you can enjoy most of the perks of online banking – from the convenience of your phone. To download the AWCCU App visit the Apple iTunes Store and search for "AWCCU".

Bank with us, even when you're far from home

If your cell phone carrier has a data roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, mobile banking should work on your smartphone even when you're outside Canada. Be sure to check if there are any potential data roaming charges with your mobile carrier to avoid any surprises.

What happens when your phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone ever goes missing, your banking info – even on a memorized account – could only be accessed if someone has your personal access code. Contact your mobile carrier to have your mobile device deactivated. And if your personal access code is recorded somewhere on your lost or stolen phone, contact us right away to have it changed.

Mobile banking costs.

AWCCU doesn't charge anything to access, but some smartphone plans charge for data use. Since mobile banking for smartphones uses data, your carrier may charge you data rates while using mobile banking. If you use mobile banking on a free Wi-Fi connection, then you shouldn't be charged. Check with your mobile carrier to avoid any surprises.


If you have any other questions about mobile banking on your smartphone, please contact us.


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