At AWCCU Financial, we offer a full range of financial services to meet all our members needs, from everyday transactions to services that you may only need once in a while. Whatever your need, we have accounts that are designed for your life.


Overdraft Protection Expand/Collapse

Use Overdraft Protection to make sure you're always covered.

Relax knowing that you have got the cash you need to take care of life's unexpected extras. AWCCU Overdraft Protection makes extra funds available to you when you need them. You are never overdrawn and you always have sufficient funds to cover unforeseen expenses. Choose the type of Overdraft Protection that works for you.

  • Enjoy between $500 and $3,000 of coverage
  • Pay no monthly fee

Need more than $3,000? Consider a Personal Line of Credit.

Safety Deposit Boxes Expand/Collapse

If you need a safe place to lock up your valuables.

Most often, obtaining a safety deposit box is "that good idea" that people put off doing. Once the stamp collection, heirloom jewelry, or those sentimental photographs are lost, stolen, or damaged in a fire, it is too late, because they cannot be replaced.

With an AWCCU safety deposit box, you will always know that the things you value most are in one safe, easily accessible place. And, you do not have to have big or expensive or important things to put in it, as long as they are worth something to you.

Annual rental fees:

 2 x 5 $60.00 
 3 x 5  $60.00
 5 x 5  $100.00
 3 x 10  $85.00
 5 x 10  $200.00
 10 x 10  $250.00

(Box sizes may vary between branches)

Legal Witnessing Expand/Collapse

A no-cost service to owners who require a Commissioner of Oaths to witness a form or document.

Night Deposit Expand/Collapse

Convenient, safe, around-the-clock deposit.  Protects against loss or theft and avoids possession of excess cash.  Night depository is available at each of our locations in a well-lit and visible area.

Foreign Exchange Expand/Collapse

Convenient service.  Beneficial, not only for travel and business purposes, but also for sending money, paying invoices and more.  You can receive cash, certified cheques, drafts and traveler's cheques for US only.

WeSwitch Expand/Collapse

Switching banks is as easy as:
1 - Complete this form and return by email.
2 - Gather your bills
3 - Let us take care of the rest

We promise it will be worth it!

We'll coordinate the transfer of your pre-authorized payments and direct deposits*. Depending on the billing companies, it will take about four to six weeks.

Once all payments have been transferred, we will send a request to close your old bank account and to transfer the balance to your new Credit Union account.

We will follow up to let you know when everything we promised is completed.

We understand it takes a bit of effort to switch bank accounts so we really appreciate it.

*Here is the form for the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Direct Deposit.

Visit Cost for Service for more information.